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Themed Cuisine - Caribbean / Moroccan

Why not have a theme to your celebration?

At Sweet Success Catering we specialise in Caribbean and Moroccan cuisine as well as Spanish, French and Medieval food too. Our selection includes traditional dishes such as Jerk Chicken and Jambalaya. We like to do things a little different so also include more modern dishes, for example our flavoursome Spinach Tart and juicy Caramelised Oranges. We are sure we can tempt everyone's tastebuds. A sample of what we can provide is set out below to get your imagination going.
Caribbean - Caribbean cuisine has many ingredients which are synonymous with the region including rice, plantains, beans, cassava, bell peppers, chick peas, sweet potato and coconut. These ingredients, with their variety of flavours and textures, are found in most Caribbean dishes in some form. Meats are usually placed in a marinade of herbs such as marjoram, rosemary, tarragon and thyme alongside fine oils and made into curries, stews and other delicious dishes. At Sweet Success Catering we use the basic origins of Caribbean food to create our own flavoursome dishes.

Caribbean Roast Pork, Basted with aromatic Spices and Rum
Jerk Chicken with Mango
Spinach Tart flavoured with Nutmeg and lemon Juice
Shredded Duck with Ginger and Tropical Fruits
Paella with Chorizo Sausage, Chicken Thighs, Mussels and Prawns
A Recipe with Rice, Creole style

Moroccan - Couscous is the main Moroccan dish most people are likely to know, the old national delicacy. The most commonly eaten red meat in Morocco is beef, usually eaten in a tagine, accompanied with a wide selection of vegetables. Chicken is also frequently used in tagines or roasted. A tagine is a small, circular dish placed on hot fires or coals with a high funnel-shaped lid. The meat juices condense onto the side of the tagine and run back down, steaming the food whilst it cooks.

Big on aroma, spice and flavour Moroccan food packs a punch but also has subtle flavourings of cinnamon, coriander and parley to add to the mix. At Sweet Success Catering we have developed a few select dishes for you to choose from.

Tagine Chicken or Lamb Tagine with Dates and Honey with Cous – Cous and
Roasted Vegetables
Tabbouleh ( Mint and Tomato Salad)
Dips served in Coconut Halves
Caramelised Oranges
Bowls lined with Banana Leaves
Sliced Pomegranates to decorate the Buffet Table
This all adds to an exciting meal.

We specialise in themed events including French, Spanish and Medieval selections. France has always been known for its fabulous cuisine, from French patisserie and pastries to fine wines and cheeses, there is so much to choose from. Our themed French menu can be suited to your taste and event bringing the best the French have to offer to our shores with a Sweet Success twist or course!

Many of us holiday to Spain but most do not get to taste their sensational flavoursome recipes and dishes. This is too good an opportunity to miss, so at Sweet Success Catering we use all our culinary skills to bring a variety of traditional Spanish dishes to the table. Whether you want an authentic tasting paella or superb tapas Sweet Success Catering will have the recipe to tempt those taste buds.

To find out more about our Themed Cuisine range please call us on 01206 230126 or pop us a message from our 'contact us' page and we will get back to you soon.

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